SciCrop releases source code of software that facilitates and automates downloading of satellite images from the Copernicus constellation

Today SciCrop launches the new release of the SciCrop-Sentinel-Extractor project. For those who do not know, this project consists of an autonomous, distributed and multithreaded locator and extractor of images from the Sentinel satellites of the Copernicus space program (

This application is built upon services consumption from the API  offered by the European Space Agency’s (ESA) In-Orbit Commissioning Review (IOCR).

SciCrop-Sentinel-Extractor solves a problem common to all researchers using the images provided by the Copernicus program: Retrieve images automatically and with verification and correction of errors, without human intervention.

Launching this application and source code, reinforces SciCrop’s commitment to contributing to the scientific research ecosystem in the field of Earth observation and remote monitoring of vegetation.

To access the project repository, use this url:

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